Nov 10th, 2014.
Today is a good day.  We finally start our limited testing today with a few of you, our diehard fans!  Please take a look around our brand spankin new site and take her for a spin.
With your feedback we will continue working hard to make the appropriate fixes and improvements to make Channel Independent better than ever.
We hope to be out of this testing phase in a few months and then go live for everyone.  Fingers crossed!
Thanks so much for your continued support and patience!
July 4th, 2013.
On this Independence Day, we at Channel Independent proudly declare our independence from the mainstream, the legacy media, the gatekeepers, and all others that would stifle independent thought, expression and collaboration.
We will continue building out the site, and finish the hosting and other improvements over the coming months.  We invite you to join us in building a vibrant community of thinkers, artists and lovers of art of all types.
On this Independence Day we celebrate all of US!
May 2013.
Testing to begin.
Channel Independent is about to enter the testing phase of the site before we go into Alpha with a select group of users.
We look forward to the completion of testing as well as the Alpha stage and then going public Beta soon thereafter.